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About Us in Chandler

owner-woman-femaleMerryRose is a specialist fashion designer who has worked in various parts of Europe for the past 50 years, creating beautiful designs in her own studio, and having the most beautiful models in Europe wear her beautiful designs. Merry has worked with well-known or uprising models to create those unique designs that have placed many models in the fashion shows of their dreams. With her work she has achieved numerous awards. And now is here to help you achieve your fashion dreams and designs as well.

MerryRose uses nothing but the best and finest materials for our designs. We can draw your designs or you can bring your own to us and we will make them come to life. We take the time to ensure exactly what you are looking for and then we will create it from scratch. We are specialized in all types of dress designs, including Weddings and Prom Dress.

We have been in the fashion design business for over 50 years, our line has been model by several models including the famous know Actress and Model Aysun Kayasi.

We make every women’s fashion dreams come true! Contact us today to discuss your very own custom dress design.

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