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Products/Services in Chandler

wedding-gown-formal-dressAt MerryRose we specialize in custom dress design, and we can make you a dress for any occasion, whether it is for a wedding dress, prom dress, a casual dress to go out on the town, or a party dress, we are here to create you exactly what you are looking for when it comes to that perfect dress. Below are some of the dresses that we can create for you, and if there is a special dress you need made, call MerryRose Custom Fashion Design today! We will make every woman’s dream come true. Your PRONOVIAS bridal gowns are waiting for you. Please make an appointment to try them on.

Wedding Dress Designs

When it comes to your wedding day, this is one of the most important days in your life. We understand that you will want to look your best, and we want to create the Wedding Dress that does exactly that. This will be your day, so we want to make sure you shine. There are many different dresses to choose from, but there is only one dress that is “you”. With the expertise of MerryRose she will ensure that you get the wedding dress that suites you the most, and is created for you. From the time when she first sits down with you, until your wedding day, MerryRose ensures that the dress is going to be a perfect fit and be exactly what you dreamed about.

Not only is the wedding dress an important piece of your important day, but so are your bridesmaid dresses. You want to have each of your bridesmaids enhance you and how stunning you will look on your special day. MerryRose Custom Fashion Designs will ensure that all of your bridesmaid dresses match exactly using the same high quality fabric and designs, and will fitted to each bridesmaid individually to allow for one great custom look! Contact MerryRose today to discuss what you are looking for to make your dream wedding a reality. We also accept orders for custom made boleros, veils and shawls.

Special Occasions

MerryRose Custom Fashion Designs can make that special dress that you need for any occasion. Whether you are looking for your prom dress, a dress to wear out for your anniversary, a party dress, or just a nice custom dress to have to wear we will create exactly what you are looking for. When it comes to the creation of these dresses, MerryRose will work with you to understand what it is you are trying to go, whether it is a more casual dress or a more elegant dress, MerryRose will create the dress for you.


Throughout life, a woman’s body is constantly changing throughout her life throughout the various stages in life. At MerryRose when you come in the first time to get fitted for your dress, we understand that as your body changes, your custom dress will need to change as well. This is why at MerryRose we complete alterations for you. Whether it is simply re-fitting the dress, or if it is us taking the dress and modifying it to make it even more into what you are looking for now, we will handle that for you. These alterations are a must when it comes to getting the right fit and look of your dress. Stop on by today, and MerryRose can make the appropriate measurements to ensure a lasting fit.

Imported Cotton Handmade Items

Cotton Handmade Items
We have ready to go, handmade products that are made out of imported Turkish cotton. These item include dresses, pillows and any other home décor you can think of to accent your home. These are great for presents and gift. They are all ready to go and also can be altered to your liking.

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